((Some words from me, when I was still hopeful and thought I could be happy))
People and other things will change, Nothing may remain as it is and a small seed under the ground grows and becomes a plant someday. Then here and there a little baby becomes a rational gentle man tomorrow, it's life, it's our world, nothing will stay as it was even the mumbers of families will leave, will change, will grow up and new, strange, unexpected things will happen. It's how we live and go on... Today it's green but some other coming days or months will get anew color if didn't fall I mean a leaf of a tree in a small yard of a far house in a suburb village or town. When it stars you can see it but you won't be able to predict what will happen next. The nonsense thing which appears could be everything or a cute idea in your head. I'm not sure what I'm writing about but whatever it is, it's nothing but an effort to see things brighter and show you that there are lots of things that we ought to read, see, watch, hear and listen to again. There are some hidden images in the imagination of everybody of us which is missing and must be found, recreated, repaired and looked at eventually. Things like down, sunshine and the look of the moon or the sun or other similar things. Why we don't have time to think cutely and become cuter a bit, it leads me to think, to think and be persuaded that nothing deserves to be upset for as long as my age and I insist on being happy even if only for some short moments

by: Masoud H Salih
*The photo: With my dear and unique mother in

21st of Aug. 2015

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